Adrian Clayborn is not happy with NFL protocols leading up to Browns camp

Browns defensive lineman Adrian Clayborn voiced his displeasure with how the NFL is handling the coronavirus ahead of camp 

Throughout the week, we’ve seen plenty of NFL players voice their displeasure with how the league is handling the coronavirus pandemic leading up to training camps. As things stand, it’s not even a for sure guarantee we’ll see a 2020 season, but there’s hope the guys will take the field.

Looking at camp, though, it has been made clear my multiple players on different teams they’re concerned about the virus potentially spreading. Cleveland Browns defensive lineman Adrian Clayborn made that much clear with a recent Twitter post.

Will the 2020 NFL season get started in September as scheduled amid the coronavirus pandemic?

As you can see from his tweet above, Clayborn doesn’t feel like the NFL is taking things as seriously as they should be. Per Clayborn, guys aren’t even being tested before they make their way to camp? This is definitely concerning for both players and coaches.

In the college ranks, we’ve seen more and more conferences announce the 2020 football season will not be played this fall. It’s been a major bummer for fans, but with the cases of coronavirus continuing to rise in certain parts of the country, the decision has been made to keep everyone as safe as possible.

With the NFL, recent discussions have made it seem less and less likely that the season will get underway as scheduled in September. It’s certainly causing the players to have even more anxiety than before just thinking about the global pandemic.

Clayborn and many other studs in the league seem incredibly frustrated with what’s going on with the NFL right now. With everything up in the air, it’s hard to blame them for voicing their displeasure on social media.

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