Former Saints Pro Bowler Max Unger looks totally different after losing a ton of weight

Max Unger’s new diet is working, to say the least

Max Unger last played in an NFL game in 2019, but at a recent session with the New Orleans media, Unger had shed at least 60 pounds from his playing weight of 305 pounds. Unger retired at 32 years old, and has since taken his post-football shape very seriously.

Max Unger looks totally different after losing up to 60 pounds post-retirement

“I lost about 60 pounds, maybe a little bit more than that. Maybe about 65. It’s a pretty good deal. I am still waiting. It’s still a little overrated. I’m still waiting to like have a little bit more energy and feel good, but I think I’m on the right track. It was a good thing to kind of focus on right out of the gate. It is another thing to obsess over and it is kind of an easy transition. You spend so much time in the NFL taking care of your body and doing treatment. You just kind of transition right into like kind of a hardcore diet and if you do it right away, it hasn’t been too bad.”

Unger joins the likes of Joe Thomas and Marshall Yanda, two former heavyset NFL players who slimmed down after retiring. The NFL demands a certain diet from its player, especially offensive linemen, who must be built like a brick house to protect quarterbacks signed to multi-million dollar deals.

Unger made one All-Pro team and three Pro Bowls in his 10-year career, including in his final full season in 2018.

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