The Seahawks never needed Antonio Brown

The Seattle Seahawks are already set, which made their pursuit of Antonio Brown that much more puzzling.

Former star NFL wide receiver Antonio Brown thought he won the lottery last September, as he created enough drama to force the now-Las Vegas Raiders to cut him so he could sign with the New England Patriots. That plan backfired quickly, as his stint with Tom Brady and Bill Belichick lasted one game before the team released him due to serious allegations of sexual abuse.

Here we are in July 2020, and Brown has entered another retirement, despite reported interest from the Seattle Seahawks. No matter how much Russell Wilson supposedly wanted him, the Seahawks are better off without “AB.”

There was no room for Antonio Brown on the Seahawks anyway

The forced fit between the Seahawks and Brown never made much sense in the first place.

When you look at Seattle’s passing attack, they already have two solid options in slot receiver Tyler Lockett and powerful deep threat option D.K. Metcalf. Then you look at the move the Seahawks made this offseason, as they signed former New England Patriots wideout Phillip Dorsett to a team-friendly one-year contract. And then, there’s David Moore as Seahawks’ fourth receiver on the depth chart.

Additionally, we can’t forget about the Seahawks’ abundance of starting tight ends on the roster. Greg Olsen, Will Dissly and Jacob Hollister will all receive targets from Wilson this upcoming season.

Where exactly was the room for Brown in the first place? If the Seahawks had signed him, they’d be subjected to the drama he brought to the Raiders and the Pittsburgh Steelers organizations. Whether it’s his desire for the majority of targets or his need for individual accolades, the reward just isn’t worth the risk in the locker room.

While adding “AB” looks good on paper, trust us when we say that the Seahawks didn’t need him this season. Enjoy “retirement” again, Antonio!

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