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Davante Adams calls out Chris Simms for leaving him off Top 10 receivers list

Chris Simms not including Davante Adams in his Top 10 list of receivers is a joke.

Time and time again, Green Bay Packers wide receiver Davante Adams has shown NFL fans across the country he’s one of the best in the game. His release on routes in truly out of this world, as he’s often left opposing defensive backs in the dust.

Yet, if you ask former NFL quarterback and current insider Chris Simms, Adams isn’t even among the 10 best wideouts in the game? Is this guy serious?

Adams was informed of Simms’ list and had no choice but to call him out over it on Twitter. As you can see below, Adams thinks this is one big joke.

Davante Adams is inarguably one of the best receivers in the game

In his tweet, Adams says Simms is looking for some attention with his list. Can you blame him for feeling this way? The Adams omission wasn’t the only head-scratcher. Odell Beckham Jr. at No. 6? Tyreek Hill the best in the game? Come on, dude.

For Adams in particular, you know he had to be fuming seeing Courtland Sutton on the list over him. No disrespect to the Broncos standout, but Adams is miles ahead of him. In 12 games last year, missing four due to turf toe, Adams hauled in 83 catches for 997 yards and five touchdowns.

Who could forget his incredible 2018 campaign? That season, the 6-foot-1, 215-pounder posted 111 receptions for 1,386 yards and 13 touchdowns. Those are video game-type numbers. Yet, this is something Simms either forgot about or chose to ignore completely.

Adams is Mr. Reliable for Aaron Rodgers and the Packers, which will once again be the case in 2020. Simms better keep a close eye on Green Bay this year. When he sees Adams ball out, he’ll have no choice but to apologize for such a shameful list.

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