10 funniest tweets trolling announcement of Washington Football Team

Not everyone was satisfied with Washington’s new name.

The NFL team over in Washington has decided on their new name, and Dan Snyder opted for the extremely generic “Washington Football Team” rather than a more distinctive, permanent name like the Redtails or Redwolves.

Naturally, when Snyder chose his underwhelming new name, fans of all 31 other teams pounced, unleashing some A+ jokes on Twitter.

Twitter had a great time roasting Dan Snyder after picking Washington’s new name.

The rebranding of the Bullets in the NBA went much smoother than the capital city’s NFL team.

Even LeBron James couldn’t believe that they actually chose the most generic name possible.

Maybe the Faceless Men from Game of Thrones had some input in the name change

If the name is this generic, expect that to trickle down to the players on the field.

Rob Lowe has finally found a team generic enough to support.

Some took issue with the fact that Washington fancies themselves a “football team” given the recent lack of success.

This team had the perfect opportunity to rebrand as the Sentinels, and they dropped the ball.

At least Washington has a serviceable placeholder, unlike the Dallas Cowboys fans.

Still, Cowboys fans came ready with shots against their old rival on Twitter, claiming the Huskies up in Seattle are the true “Washington Football Team.”

Philadelphia Eagles fans seem to think that this newly-branded team won’t be much of a threat.

The new moniker is much better than their old, offensive one, but that doesn’t make it any less hilarious. While the 2021 season will bring with it a new nickname that, hopefully, the entire DC fanbase can rally around, they will need to take their lumps in 2020 due to this horrible choice of a new name.

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