Patrick Mahomes thinks he’ll get even better as a quarterback

Patrick Mahomes plans to get even better as a quarterback.

Patrick Mahomes is only 24 years old and just signed a contract extension worth over $500 million after winning the Super Bowl this past February. This young man is living the life.

He won an MVP Award in his first full season as a starter and won a Super Bowl in his second year. There seems to be no limit for the Kansas City Chiefs superstar, and there is already talk of just how many titles this franchise can win with him under center.

The crazy thing about Mahomes is that he is so young he believes he still has a lot to learn at the position. The rest of the NFL has officially been put on notice.

Patrick Mahomes has no ceiling

Mahomes was a star athlete in high school and was even a late-round pick in the 2014 MLB Draft. He could have gone much higher if he had committed to playing baseball.

Instead, he saw football as his best route even though he was a bit green as a quarterback. This worked out well, and it is crazy to think we haven’t seen Mahomes get anywhere near his peak.

This is not someone who specialized and was only a quarterback. He has been learning on the fly and more proper instruction will improve his mechanics. If he is already worth over $500 million, he may be worth even more in a few years.

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Mahomes’ dead cap value on his new mega-deal goes down to $0 in 2025, so it is possible he can negotiate a new record deal if he keeps winning Super Bowls in Kansas City. There is no limit with this young quarterback and he is insanely humble to say he is nowhere near his best. The NFL is already aware of how unstoppable he can be. Mahomes may reach new levels that have opposing defenses throwing up their arms in disbelief on a weekly basis.

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