Ravens offensive lineman D.J. Fluker victim of domestic abuse

It was revealed on Friday that D.J. Fluker of the  Ravens has been the victim of alleged domestic abuse.

The Ravens offensive lineman reportedly has been assaulted throughout the course of his relationship with the mother of his child, according to police reports.

According to those same reports, Fluker and Kimberly Davis got into a heated argument on July 13 and she allegedly punched Fluker in the nose several times.

This was when Fluker revealed to police that this wasn’t the first time he had been assaulted by Davis. He didn’t report an incident that occurred in late June when the police approached him for a follow-up two days after Davis was taken into custody.

The Ravens have been no stranger to domestic abuse within the organization.

While Fluker was on the other end of the abuse, former running back Ray Rice brought to light the issue in the league after he struck his fiancé in an elevator. Rice was eventually released by the team and never played another NFL snap after that. His release was likely due to strong pressure from everyone and he wasn’t the same player as he once was, which sadly if he had still been effective, he might not have gotten let go.

Ravens safety Earl Thomas was also a part of domestic abuse earlier this offseason when his wife held a gun to his head because she caught him cheating on her.

Cornerback Jimmy Smith was suspended four games due to abusive behavior toward his girlfriend.  He later apologized for his actions.

There is video to go along with the incident in question regarding Fluker and you can see Davis hitting him while also screaming at him.

Chad Steele, Senior Vice President of Communications, had this to say about the incident,

“We have been in regular communication with D.J. regarding this matter and will continue to monitor the situation.”

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This is Fluker’s first season with the Ravens after spending the past two seasons with the Seahawks. He’s also played for the Giants and the Chargers (who took him 11th overall in 2013).

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