Jamal Adams trade proves Eagles stole Darius Slay from Lions

The Jets received a good haul for Jamal Adams, making the Eagles deal for Darius Slay looking like even more of a steal.

Considering all the drama between Jamal Adams and the Jets, many wondered what exactly New York would manage to get for the young safety. The answer turned out to be a terrific payday from Seattle in the form of Bradley McDougald, a pair of first-round picks and a third-rounder. Adams’ deal has single-handedly raised the stakes for safeties, questioning how much a defensive back is really worth.

Despite being one of the league’s most accomplished corners, Darius Slay was dealt from Detroit to Philadelphia for a mere third and fifth pick just a few months ago. You might say that is because Adams’ pedigree is on another level, but that is far from the case.

Looking at Adams’ first three years in the league and Slay’s last three in Detroit, the numbers couldn’t be different. In 2017, Slay earned a league-high eight interceptions and Adams failed to find one. Slay also led the NFL in pass deflections with 26.

Where Adams really begins to show his value is in tackling, with 83 in his rookie year, followed by 115 in 2018. Here are two contrasting defensive backs, a ball hawk in Darius Slay and a corner in Jamal Adams who is best in stopping plays before they start.

Is Adams really worth so much more than Darius Slay?

Each man excels in their respective fields and despite their differences, share a similar impact on the field. So why then did Adams receive such a larger payday compared to Slay?

Age is one answer, as Adams is approaching just his fourth season, compared to Darius Slay in his eighth. But it really seems as if Adams simply made himself a bigger story than would have otherwise been, and teams bought in.

All the frustration Adams caused for the Jets may have been exactly what got him and the team a better deal in the end, emphasizing the Eagles’ absolute steal in Darius Slay.

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