After Joey Bosa’s payday, 49ers better start saving for Nick Bosa

Nick Bosa will look to follow his brother’s path to a large fortune.

Joey Bosa avoided controversy Tuesday by reporting to camp with the Los Angeles Chargers. He showed up at the last second and news that dropped later in the day explained why he showed up and avoided any sort of holdout.

Bosa wanted to get paid and the team did just that, handing him a record contract extension. His brother Nick Bosa may now be planning for his own mega-deal one day.

Nick Bosa on Joey’s path

The elder Bosa was given a record $102 million in guarantees as the defensive end market continues to climb. He gets this money after appearing in a total of 51 games over his first four NFL seasons.

There are instantly comparisons with his brother Nick after the way the younger Bosa played in 2019. The San Francisco 49ers drafted Bosa with the No. 2 overall pick, one pick higher than his brother in 2016, and he proceeded to win Rookie of the Year honors. Joey Bosa also took home the same honor in 2016.

Nick Bosa made the Pro Bowl in 2019, as did his brother, and also finished with nine sacks. At that pace he will be right near his brother’s mark of 40 after four seasons. Add in another Pro Bowl or two, and All-Pro appearance, and his draft slot and the younger Bosa is going to get paid.

But we have seen the market shoot up so that would mean the younger brother’s deal may end up dwarfing that of the older brother when the time comes for an extension in three years.

Khalil Mack getting $90 million in guarantees was a huge deal. Then the Cleveland Browns handed Myles Garrett $100 million in guaranteed money this offseason and the Chargers bumped up that total for Bosa.

The NFL will likely be facing a revenue shortage over the next year or two. However, that will not stop players from demanding record deals and the fact teams have continued to hand them out this offseason shows there is no signs of penny-pinching just yet.

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Assuming the market keeps going up, Nick Bosa could end up easily getting around $120 million or more in guaranteed money. He is due for an extension at a time when the NFL will hopefully have recovered financially from COVID-19-related losses. That could mean his record deal makes the one given to his brother look like a bargain for the Chargers. The 49ers betting start making moves to plan for this future before it is too late.

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