Eagles’ Lane Johnson placed on the COVID list after testing positive

Eagles right tackle Lane Johnson has tested positive for COVID. 

As the NFL is hoping to get its season underway in the safest and most efficient way possible, players who are now returning to team facilities for training camp are being tested for the coronavirus.

Throughout the testing that has been carried out during each team’s training camp, 21 players have tested positive as of Tuesday according to the NFLPA. All of the players who have tested positive, or have come into contact with someone who tested positive, are put on a reserve list.

Despite the fact that testing has been carried out for the past few days, new players are still be announced as COVID positive.

On Wednesday afternoon, Philadelphia Eagles right tackle Lane Johnson was placed on the COVID reserve list, but it was not revealed by any NFL or Eagles spokesperson whether Johnson tested positive or was in contact with someone else who had the virus.

Shortly after being placed on the list, Johnson took to Twitter to announce that he had tested positive.

Johnson says he still feels healthy, despite having the virus.

In his tweet, Johnson says that he feels “strong” and “ready to go.”

Various professional athletes who have tested positive for coronavirus have also reported being asymptomatic and feeling basically normal, including three out of the four players on the Brooklyn Nets who tested positive back in March.

Although Johnson is not feeling any negative effects, he is still contagious and he says that he will follow all the protocols in order to get back with his team.

In order to get off the list and be allowed back with his squad, Johnson must undergo the treatment and testing protocols that the league has put into place, but it is unclear how long Johnson is required to stay on the list and what will equate to him being considered healthy enough to return.

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