Odell Beckham Jr. shows off insane closet

Odell Beckham Jr. sports an insane closet at home.

Odell Beckham Jr. is living comfortably after signing his $95 million deal back in 2018. The Cleveland Browns receiver is an elite player in the NFL and the endorsements are rolling in as a result.

Fans have seen plenty of awesome homes from professional athletes. Beckham takes this to a whole new level by simply showing off his closet.

The young star had an Instagram story that began by showing off a huge pile of shoes. Then we all saw the full closet and it seemed like the video transported viewers into a full-size clothing store.

Odell Beckham Jr.’s amazing closet

Such a cool Instagram story always draws responses of people saying he should donate all his shoes and clothes. Beckham did go on to post that he is doing exactly that with a lot of the clothes and the shoes. So any critics should be sure to get the full story.

It is just hard to believe he has this closet space. Moving into a new house and having a closet with two racks inside is something to celebrate. Beckham takes this to a whole new level and that is before talking about the shoes.

He owns what seems like a full store’s worth of shoes and is donating more pairs than some people will own in a lifetime. Nothing like living vicariously through an athlete who clearly appreciates having the perfect shoe for literally any outfit.

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Showing off wealth does not always go over well in the replies on social media. However, Beckham showed it off to point out how he is making some major donations. Those getting mad at him just shows that some people may just not like him in general for some reason.

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