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Brett Favre advised Tom Brady on leaving New England

Before Tom Brady officially made his decision to leave New England he received some advice from Brett Favre.

Before Super Bowl 54 this year in Miami the NFL honored their top 100 players. That gave two all-time great quarterbacks a chance to chat and one wanted to know from the other what he thought the best decision was- whether to stay with the only franchise he had ever known or move on.

Brett Favre was more than happy to give Tom Brady his opinion on what he thought Brady should do with the final years of his Hall of Fame to be NFL career.

“I had about five or ten minutes with Tom before it got crazy,” Favre said. “He had not made a decision yet. I think his question to me was if you had it to do all over again, would you do it again the same way? And I would.”

Favre left Green Bay at 38-years old for one year with the New York Jets and then two with Minnesota. Favre made the Pro Bowl once with the Jets and with the Vikings and was in the NFC championship game his first year in Minnesota. Favre does have one regret leaving Green Bay.

“I wish that things had gone down a little differently,” Favre said. “The way that Peyton (Manning) left and the way Brady left is the way I wish it would have happened with me so both sides wouldn’t have been upset.”

Favre had a potent reminder and piece of advice for anyone who wants to judge Brady on how well or how poorly his career goes in Tampa.

“He was zero to prove to anyone,” Favre said. “If you still want to play and want to try your hand somewhere else, by all means, go do it. Even if he doesn’t play well, he is going to go down as the greatest to ever play the game. I mean how could he not be considered the greatest to play the game certainly quarterback?”

Favre also had some advice for Brady after he made his decision.

“What I tried to relay to Tom is now it is just time to go and enjoy yourself,” Favre said. “There is nothing left to prove and you are going to a new team it’s going to be exciting because there is a lot of newness involved a certain rejuvenation. I’ve talked to him since and he feels that.”

Favre also believes Brady did his homework well on selecting Tampa Bay.

“I think he has a good team around him and I think he made a good choice on where to go.”

Favre is working as a CBD ambassador for Green Eagle.

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