DeAndre Baker potentially faces life in prison for armed robbery

DeAndre Baker is being charged with serious crimes.

A bizarre story emerged back in May involving DeAndre Baker of the New York Giants and Quinton Dunbar of the Seattle Seahawks. Both were allegedly involved in an armed robbery at a party in Miami, only for those at the party to say the two were in fact not involved.

The investigation continued and news dropped Friday that Baker is now facing serious charges that could end up with him spending the rest of his life in prison.

DeAndre Baker staring down serious prison time

The timeline was the party itself, followed by both apparently being cleared, only for them to both turn themselves in to police. The two were then held in limbo until this latest update. Dunbar is not facing any charges himself, which is another shocking turn in this case.

Having insufficient evidence on Dunbar when he was at the same party as Baker is a bit odd. However, that can be left up to the law enforcement on the case.

Baker is only 22 years old and made his NFL debut in 2019 after being drafted No. 30 overall by the Giants. Jokes will surely be made on social media, but this remains a sad story. He is facing a minimum of 10 years if convicted and what was once a promising career path will have been thrown away in an instant.

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The defensive back was a star player at Georgia as well and his only hope to get back to football is to be proven innocent. Assuming his innocence until he is proven guilty is important for everyone discussing this bizarre case to remember.

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