Dan Snyder sues media company over defamatory article

Dan Snyder is suing another media company.

Dan Snyder is not having himself a great offseason. The Washington Football Team owner changed his franchise’s name, which was good, but didn’t seem to have a good backup name in place. Thus, they are a generic football team.

Then came a bombshell report that described numerous complaints of sexual harassment within his organization. Snyder has never been a beloved owner and he looks worse with each passing day.

His latest newsworthy act comes in the form of a lawsuit against a media company, Media Entertainment Arts Worldwide, that is based in India.

Why is Dan Snyder suing a media company?

Snyder has sued a media outlet in the past over claims he deemed defamatory. The same is true here after this company posted articles featuring rumors that initially appeared on social media. One linked Snyder to Jeffrey Epstein.

The lawsuit alleges that the media company accepted payment to post the articles, but they are claiming there is no such benefactor. Claims of being involved in sex trafficking are obviously serious and it makes sense why Snyder is suing.

This lawsuit aside, Snyder has made himself into one of the most hated owners in all of professional sports. It took years of public pressure for him to even consider dropping the “Redskins” name and it finally took sponsors demanding change for him to make the move. Money was the only thing strong enough to force his hand.

He is also the man in charge of an organization with a rampant sexual harassment problem that wasn’t just the experience of one individual.

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Snyder is an easy target, and it remains to be seen if this lawsuit is warranted.

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