Dez Bryant hints at eventual number change

The former star NFL receiver has brought up changing his jersey number. 

Thought it’s been awhile, Dez Bryant remains one of the most accomplished receivers in the NFL.

During his eight seasons with the Dallas Cowboys, Bryant was able to amass over 1000 receiving yards for three of those seasons, and was named to the Pro-Bowl three times.

The Cowboys then released Bryant in the 2018 offseason where he spent a lot of time as a free agent until he signed with the New Orleans Saints in November of that year, when the season was already nine weeks in. Then, just two days after inking his contract with the Saints, Bryant tore his achilles and missed all of that season.

Dez was on a one-year contract with New Orleans which ended after sitting out the 2018 season, so he decided to spend this most recent season rehabbing, but is still yet to have signed with a team.

Despite not being with any NFL squad, Bryant is keen on continuing to play, and is looking to the future, including his potential jersey number.

Bryant became known for wearing No. 88 with the Cowboys

Bryant wore No. 88 for every single one of his seasons with Dallas. And that is a highly respected number in the Cowboys organization with wide receiver Drew Pearson wearing it throughout the 1970s as one of Roger Staubach’s favorite targets.

As is the case with all great NFL players, like Tom Brady being associated with the No.12, Bryant became closely associated with his number, but that may all change with Dez taking to Twitter to hint at a looming change.

Bryant even goes to suggest using No. 10 as a replacement. But to answer his question, no, we couldn’t see you wearing another number.

Regardless of whether or not Bryant is serious about changing his number, it ultimately won’t matter if he doesn’t sign with a team or if the season is cancelled altogether due to COVID-19 concerns.

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