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5 NFL teams who could sign Dez Bryant

Dez Bryant hinted at a change from the number he always wore in Dallas, so does that mean he’s signing with a team soon?

When Dez Bryant was last on an NFL field, in 2017 with the Dallas Cowboys, he looked like a depleted version of what he had been (69 receptions for 838 yards and six touchdowns). So it was not surprising when the Cowboys cut him, even if they waited until April of 2018.

Bryant landed with the New Orleans Saints late in the 2018 season, then promptly suffered a torn Achilles in his first practice. He was eyeing a comeback as Week 1 approached last year, but no teams came calling. This spring, pre-pandemic, workouts with Patrick Mahomes and Mecole Hardman were plenty enough to fuel speculation about him possibly signing with the Kansas City Chiefs.

Even after two years of not playing, Bryant does not appear ready to retire just yet. On Saturday, he hinted at a change from the No. 88 he always wore for the Cowboys.

That could just be a generous bit of social media trolling from Bryant. But it could also be a hint teams are interested in him, as training camp work in the form it will take this year starts.

Bryant would surely take any opportunity he can get at this point. But these five teams actually could make a solid case to sign him.

5 teams who could sign Dez Bryant

5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

They are loading up to win now in “Tompa Bay”, with Tom Brady’s old friend Rob Gronkowski coming out of retirement and Antonio Brown speculation never too far away despite head coach Bruce Arians’ dismissal of the idea.

A three-wide receiver set of Mike Evans, Chris Godwin and Bryant is not quite as interesting as Brown rounding out that trio would be. But Bryant also has less baggage (no suspension), and he doesn’t have the history with Arians that has apparently turned the head coach off on Brown.

Bryant would be challenged to build rapport with Brady in a short window of time. But if he’s healthy and ready to work, it’s an intriguing fit in Tampa Bay.

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