Lane Johnson has funny reaction to being activated off COVID/reserve list

Lane Johnson is excited to be back with the Philadelphia Eagles

The NFL is set on playing a full season in 2020 and one precaution is having a reserve list for players who either test positive for COVID-19 or come in contact with someone carrying the virus. The latter depends on everyone being honest and following the protocol.

Players throughout the NFL have hit the list already and one big name was Philadelphia Eagles offensive lineman Lane Johnson. The offensive tackle is a three-time Pro Bowler and posted about a positive test back on July 29.

It appears all has gone well as the team announced his return Tuesday morning. Johnson reacted with a perfect GIF on Twitter.

Lane Johnson makes his return

The NFL has seen a good amount of players opt out for health concerns and it is no secret there are some high-risk individuals in the league. Someone like Johnson who is listed at over 300 pounds falls into that category. A positive COVID-19 test is scary for anyone. Luckily, it appears Johnson has made a full recovery.

The NFL is not revealing if players actually tested positive or if they were just in contact with someone with the virus. Johnson took it upon himself to say he had received a positive test.

Positive tests are inevitable in the NFL given the sheer amount of people required on the sidelines every Sunday. Not playing within a bubble also increases the risk of an outbreak.

Yet the league has certain protocols in place and properly testing and quarantining players is one step in the right direction. It will be up to the players to remain cautious and not do anything that can endanger themselves or others.

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Johnson made it clear he had been careful and still contracted the virus. Hopefully, other players who do test positive end up with his similar result of being able to celebrate without any long-term negative effects.

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