Good QBs that will be on new teams in 2021

Las Vegas Raiders

Derek Carr, Oakland Raiders. (Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images)

Which good NFL quarterbacks could be on different teams in 2021?

Look around at the landscape of the NFL in 2020. From last year to now, several prominent quarterbacks switched teams: Tom Brady, Philip Rivers, Teddy Bridgewater, Cam Newton, Andy Dalton, Nick Foles, and Case Keenum.

This ilk of swap is not necessarily commonplace, but the sheer amount and caliber of quarterbacks that departed for new destinations are noteworthy. In the cases mentioned above, age played a major factor, especially with Brady and Rivers. Tom Brady wanted to try his luck outside of Massachusetts, and the Chargers are readying for a new era (after 16 years!) with the University of Oregon alumnus, Justin Herbert.

The other circumstances (Bridgewater, Newton, Dalton, Foles, and Keenum) are ones where the players are either teetering on newfound backup assignments or “prove yourself” scenarios.  Newton has an opportunity to make New England his franchise for the remainder of his career. So does Bridgewater in Carolina. Dalton will be a formidable backup and/or audition in the event of Dak Prescott’s exodus. Foles is slated for a sure-fire training camp battle with incumbent Mitchell Trubisky. And Keenum followed Minnesota Vikings buddy Kevin Stefanski to fill in if Baker Mayfield flounders or is hurt.

Various quarterbacks in 2020 are nearing the end of their respective tenures with their current teams. Some are simply getting long in the tooth. Others are in situations where the franchise might have a new outlook that does not involve a familiar face at the quarterback position. And, one is a gigantic question mark in terms of physical capability.

Here are four NFL quarterbacks that are likely entering their final season with their current team.

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