Joe Montana skeptical Cam Newton can replace Tom Brady on Patriots

Hall of Fame quarterback and four-time Super Bowl champion Joe Montana outlines what has to happen for Cam Newton to feel at home in New England.

Joe Montana came to Kansas City in 1993 with four Super Bowl rings but also with something to prove. Cam Newton has won an MVP but is still searching for his first Super Bowl win. To get there, Montana believes Newton will have to earn the respect of his teammates first and foremost.

“Even when I go into Kansas City there is still a certain acceptance factor that has to happen and you have to go in there and prove you can still do the things that you did when people were watching you,” Montana told Da Windy City Podcast. “Once that happens it becomes a little bit easier at that position. I don’t think Tom [Brady] will have that issue, but Cam may.”

Joe Montana is skeptical Cam Newton can replace Tom Brady on the Patriots

Makes sense. When Brady walks on the practice field in Tampa Bay, Buccaneers players will be longing to be accepted by the widely considered greatest quarterback to ever play the game.

Newton, on the other hand, will be the guy replacing Brady and his six championships in New England.

Montana is among those skeptical Newton can lead the Patriots back to the playoffs.

“I think they are hoping that that takes place,” Montana said. “Two different style quarterbacks. He [Newton] definitely has the ability to play at that level. We’ll just see if he can make that transition. Moving to another team is not always easy.”

Montana is working with Guinness as their National Ambassador in a new partnership with Notre Dame. Guinness is now the official beer of the Fighting Irish Alumni and fans. As a fan, Montana wants college football to protect the players from themselves in 2020.

“I don’t think the guys can make a rational decision themselves as players because a lot of them have aspirations going to the NFL,” Montana said. “Rightfully so they want to have a season. Let’s take Joe Burrow. What if he didn’t have his senior year? He wouldn’t have been the first player in the draft and a lot of guys are looking at it that way and their opportunities may slide by. In the end, I think we all to think responsibly and try to keep them as safe as possible.”

To listen to the entire Joe Montana interview click on Da Windy City Podcast. 

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