Patrick Mahomes says he hopes to play into his 40’s like Tom Brady (Video)

It’s not uncommon for NFL quarterbacks to play into their 40s now and Patrick Mahomes wants to be another quarterback who does just that.

Patrick Mahomes might only be 24-years-old, but the reigning Super Bowl MVP is already looking at when he’s older and near the end of his NFL career.

Mahomes appeared as a guest on Undisputed on Wednesday and when asked by Skip Bayless if he could see himself playing at the age of 43, Mahomes said, “That’s the goal.”

Tom Brady is 43-years-old, which is likely why Bayless phrased the question with that particular age in mind.

Mahomes turns 25-years-old in September and has accomplished quite a bit in his two full years as a starter. He won the league MVP in 2018  and made it to the Super Bowl in 2019 while winning the MVP for the big game so no one would be shocked if he was still playing in 19 years.

Patrick Mahomes sure looks like he could be kicking butt well into his 40s, but it’s still too early to tell.

While it’s become more common for quarterbacks to play into their 40s, it’s definitely not a guarantee for anyone, even great signal-callers like Mahomes.

Brady and Drew Brees are both in their 40s and are still doing incredibly well, but both have stayed relatively healthy throughout the course of their career and that’ll be key for Mahomes if he wants to do the same. He was banged up for a few games last season but looked better than ever upon his return.

Mahomes signed a ten-year extension last month that ties him to the Kansas City Chiefs through the 2031 season. When that deal is up, the former first-rounder will be 36 years old and it’s very possible he gets another decent-sized contract if he’s still wheeling and dealing at that point of his career.

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A lot can happen between now and when Mahomes is 43 (which will be in 2039) like injuries or inconsistencies and that could stand between him and his goal of playing until he’s 43. Brady has been able to keep at it because he’s stayed healthy, so that’s the big thing if Mahomes wants to be just like TB12.

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