Cam Newton already winning over Bill Belichick is great news for Patriots fans

Cam Newton is making a good impression on Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots. 

The New England Patriots seemed destined for a rebuilding year upon losing Tom Brady this offseason. The plan was to roll with Jarrett Stidham, or at least that is what Bill Belichick said before signing Cam Newton to a one-year deal.

Belichick had the master plan up his sleeve and now has a former MVP at quarterback. The head coach is famous in not giving praise to players and has done that with Newton throughout the summer. But training camp is here and Newton should have the upper hand in the race to be the starting quarterback.

Cam Newton gets a short boost of confidence from his head coach

Belichick even offered up a quick endorsement of Newton’s abilities, which were shared in an article.

“Cam’s a hardworking kid. He really is,” Belichick said Friday morning.

That is about as much as one can get out of Belichick. He did go on to share more words, but talked about the quarterbacks as a whole as opposed to just Newton. However, this is still better than the alternative of Belichick making it clear Newton won’t be the starter.

The 68-year-old head coach has been able to build a dynasty and is looking to prove he can keep winning without Brady as the quarterback. Snagging Newton on a deal worth only $550,000 in guaranteed money is insane and makes the rest of the NFL look foolish for not signing the quarterback.

Newton was a full-time starter with the Carolina Panthers from 2011-2018 and never finished a season without at least 3,100 passing yards. He has 4,806 career rushing yards as well and his stock has plummeted after missing only the 2019 season.

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There was some talk in the offseason of whether Newton’s personality would mesh with Belichick. That talk has subsided and Belichick offering up nice words about Newton shows that storyline may have been all talk. Newton is in the building and should quickly prove to be one of the biggest bargains in free agent history for the Patriots.

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