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Is Tom Brady a top-10 fantasy quarterback in 2020?

What should we expect out of Tom Brady in his first year with his new team?

Tom Brady will begin his first of three seasons with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2020. After 20 seasons with the New England Patriots, the greatest quarterback of all time took his talents to the Florida Gulf Coast with the hopes of playing three more years to get through his age-45 season. It’s a new start for him with the Buccaneers, but can Brady have a top-10 fantasy season this fall?

The Fantasy Footballers have Brady as their QB11 to start the year. In terms of where Brady ranks as a quarterback outside of fantasy football, he’s still probably top-five in the league, right around where Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers would be, behind Patrick Mahomes of the Kansas City Chiefs and Russell Wilson of the Seattle Seahawks. That sounds about right for Brady.

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While Brady isn’t going to get you a lick of fantasy points with his legs, he may benefit from playing with more gifted offensive personnel in Tampa Bay than he has in recent years with New England. Though he had good success throwing the ball to Julian Edelman in the slot, Mike Evans and Chris Godwin are simply more talented than anyone on the Patriots’ receiving corps.

Can Tom Brady have a top-10 fantasy football season with his new team?

From an optics standpoint, Brady should be good enough to be a top-10 fantasy quarterback. If you load up on running back, wide receiver and tight end talent before drafting a quarterback in the ninth or 10th round, Brady might be your QB1 this fall. However, most quarterbacks tend to throw a lot of interceptions in their first year playing in Bruce Arians’ offensive system.

The “no risk it, no biscuit” offensive philosophy asks a quarterback to make a lot of deep ball throws, something Brady hasn’t been asked to do for the last half-decade or so playing for Josh McDaniels in New England. While we should expect Arians to cater his offense more to Brady’s skill set, it’s not going to be as much of a dink-and-dunk approach as to what Brady is used to.

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Since he’s viewed as QB11 by the guys, let’s say Brady has the talent to be as good as QB5 this year. Physically, he should be able to hold up and give you at least one more high-end fantasy season before Father Time tells him he’s a game-manager, whether or not Brady wants to admit that he is. This might be the last great fantasy season Brady has left for us in the tank.

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