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Aaron Rodgers gives the perfect synopsis of Twitter

Aaron Rodgers gave a perfect summary of Twitter 

Many athletes use social media, including Twitter, to voice their opinions on various issues, such as college football players recently taking to Twitter to express their desire to play in the fall as the season still hangs in the balance for multiple conferences.

It was also used by various MLB players in June when the MLBPA and MLB officials were discussing how to go about playing in 2020 after COVID-19 had delayed the season, which resulted in the players using Twitter to start the “when and where” movement, meaning they would agree to whatever rules the league put into place and just needed to be told when and where to play.

But one very well-known NFL player in Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers has stated his discontent with the current state of Twitter.

Rodgers said Twitter has been taken over by trolls and is no longer fun

Rodgers appeared on Kyle Brandt’s podcast where he conveyed his dislike of how people currently behave on Twitter. He said that he used to really enjoy Twitter when he could engage in friendly banter with fans and teammates, but he can no longer do that as a result of “trolls” and “cancel culture.”

He then went onto say that Twitter has become a “hotbed for offended people to voice their opinions.” And while he recognizes that everyone is entitled to their opinion, Rodgers also said there is a lot of entitlement that goes along with people’s opinions.

Although his view of Twitter is overwhelmingly negative, Rodgers did say he enjoys using Twitter to raise awareness for various issues, and gave the example of when he used Twitter to ask people to give financial support for those affected by forest fires in his home state of California. And small acts of kindness occurring on Twitter is still enjoyable for Rodgers.

Overall, Rodgers’ synopsis of Twitter is spot on. And regardless of someone’s opinion, civility is very much dead on Twitter, along with many other social media platforms.

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