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One of Patrick Mahomes’ coaches thinks he’s ‘a competitive prick’

Chiefs offensive coordinator had an interesting description of Mahomes. 

Since Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes burst onto the NFL scene during the 2018 season, where he won NFL MVP for his performance and nearly led his team to the Super Bowl, he has been the subject of a lot of attention. And now, after leading his team to their first-ever Super Bowl title last season, and then signing a massive contract worth $500 million, more people than ever are enamored with Mahomes.

Many who have played with or against Mahomes, as well as those who have coached him, always seem to have great things to say about him. And they always stress that he is definitely worth the money he is being paid.

But Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy had a much more interesting way of describing his star quarterback that not many people were expecting to hear.

Bieniemy used the interesting phrase “competitive prick” to describe Mahomes 

During a press conference, Bieniemy started off by expressing his admiration for Mahomes for how great of a career he has had so far. But he then went onto say that Mahomes is a “competitive prick.”

Bieniemy is seen smiling while describing Mahomes as this, and explains that he doesn’t mean it as an insult in any way. He says that he views Mahomes that way because he is always looking to improve his play in any way possible, which certainly isn’t a bad thing to hear from a coach.

And athletes like Mahomes, who take competitiveness to a whole new level, definitely seem to have success individually and also seem to make everyone around them better, which is shown by players like Tom Brady, Michael Jordan, and Kobe Bryant who have all won multiple championships in their respective sports.

And since Mahomes is just 24-years old, his competitiveness can drive him to win many more titles, and go down as one of the greatest athletes in the history of sports.

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