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Nigel Bradham takes shot at Eagles and Bills over lack of winning culture

Nigel Bradham doesn’t think much of his former teams

Before making his way to the New Orleans Saints this offseason, linebacker Nigel Bradham spent four years with the Buffalo Bills and another four with the Philadelphia Eagles. He waited until the 2017 season to make the postseason with the Eagles, where they won the Super Bowl over the New England Patriots in what was considered an upset at the time. The next two years, he played and started in three playoff games for Philly.

Calling Bradham fortunate given his recent success is shortsighted, as we don’t know how he was treated in those organizations or whether his talent was being utilized the right way. However, it’s odd that Bradham doesn’t look back too fondly on that 2017 Super Bowl season, or really any of his playoff success for that matter.

Bradham doesn’t think the Bills or Eagles had a winning culture during his time there

“It’s definitely a different type of environment … the last 2 organizations I went to, it wasn’t really a winning organization. So when you come to a place that’s known for winning, known for being in the postseason, you see the different type of culture they have,” Bradham said, per The Athletic’s Katherine Terrell.

On the surface, the Eagles should be a little angry about such a statement. Doug Pederson and Howie Roseman have established one of the more successful organizations in sports over the past few years, let alone the NFL. For Bradham to suggest that, despite a Super Bowl victory and consistent appearances in the postseason, they aren’t a “winning organization” seems like a poor choice of words, at best.

It’s natural to have some anger towards an old workplace, but parting shots months after the fact help no one. Unless he misspoke, Bradham has some explaining to do to Eagles faithful.

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