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Which team takes a nose dive in 2020 from a fantasy football standpoint?

Which NFL teams are not going to win big for you in fantasy football?

Loading up on a ton of players from the same NFL team is a bold strategy in fantasy football. Sometimes, it ends up working out. If you think a team is going to be prolific on offense, this isn’t all that bad of an idea. However, if a team’s starting quarterback gets hurt or the bell-cow back succumbs to an injury, it could be a bad time if you doubled or even tripled-down with a team.

The Fantasy Footballers were asked which team do they think is poised for a fantasy nose dive this season. Andy Holloway, Jason Moore and Mike Wright all picked a different franchise and gave us good reasons why these teams might be collective fantasy regression candidates. But if you had to side with one, who is more likely to be right with his conviction: Holloway, Moore or Wright?

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Moore sided with the Los Angeles Chargers as his major fantasy regression team. He credits this to the Chargers swapping out future Pro Football Hall of Fame quarterback Philip Rivers in favor of veteran backup Tyrod Taylor and first-round rookie Justin Herbert. Though he thinks the Chargers will be better overall as a team in 2020, it’s going to be a more defensive-minded team.

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Holloway is down on the San Francisco 49ers as an offense. He believes the team’s positive momentum forward will not be sustainable. San Francisco was averaging around 10 points more per game from 2019 to 2020. Outside of tight end George Kittle, there really aren’t any must-have players from a fantasy standpoint. The wide receiver corps is looking rougher by the day.

Wright picked the Houston Texans as his fantasy regression team because of the moves they made this offseason. They traded away a top-tier wide receiver in DeAndre Hopkins to the Arizona Cardinals for a running back we’re not even sure who’s good anymore in David Johnson. Though Houston still has Deshaun Watson, who can he trust to throw the football to this season?

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If forced to pick one of these three teams, it has to be the 49ers because of quarterback play. We don’t know if Taylor or Herbert will be better than an empty-stat season from Rivers. Watson will get his own as a solid dual-threat playmaker for Houston. Because Jimmy Garoppolo is only a middle-of-the-pack starting quarterback, the offensive ceiling feels more definite with his team.

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