Daniel Jones running laps at Giants practice is comical

Daniel Jones runnings laps is why the 2020 New York Giants are going 2-14.

Yes, New York Giants head coach Joe Judge is making quarterback Daniel Jones run laps.

It’s not even September yet and we can safely cross off our first team from the 2020 NFL playoffs conversation. As a complete shocker to everyone involved, the Giants somehow beat out the Carolina Panthers, the Jacksonville Jaguars, the New York Jets and the Washington Football Team as the first team that will be nothing more than festering garbage this year. It was quite the upset.

The verdict is in: The jury has officially executed Judge. This is dumber than Jim Boylen’s time clock at the Chicago Bulls facility. It is dumber than the Tennessee Volunteers dunking on one of Butch Jones’ Team 121 trash cans. Brick by brick, Judge will not be a champion of life, destined to go one-and-done with his five-star heart, no matter how many leadership reps he gets on the sidelines.

Daniel Jones plays for the New York Giants, not the Charlotte Latin Hawks.

Besides fumbling the ball as often as Jameis Winston throws interceptions, there is a lot to like about Jones as a quarterback. He’s incredibly athletic, very mobile, has nice touch on the ball and throws with surprisingly good anticipation. He may have no idea whatsoever when the pass rush is coming, but there is no reason to make him run laps. Would Eli Manning be running these laps?

Give it a few weeks, but we can safely prune the Joe Judge branch off the Bill Belichick coaching tree because it is going to be fruitless for the rest of time. If he gets canned before the end of the season, Jones will then be coached by the greatest sideline percussionist of all time in Jason Garrett. Are we sure David Cutcliffe wouldn’t be a better NFL head coach than Judge at this point?

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Mississippi State University should be thanking its lucky stars it hired “The Pirate” Mike Leach over  the Jackie Sherrill disciple. Kylin Hill, K.J. Costello and the rest of the Mississippi State Bulldogs are better served receiving the latest Bigfoot updates in the hot, hot Starkville sun after practice than Jones is running laps for Judge at Giants camp. Jones hasn’t played for Charlotte Latin in years!

It would be hysterical if the Giants get the No. 1 pick and they can’t even draft Trevor Lawrence.

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