Packers find ‘diamond in the rough’ at QB, and it’s not Jordan Love

Yes, despite drafting Jordan Love, the Packers found another underdog story further down the depth chart

Tim Boyle was the Packers backup QB in 2019 to the chagrin of most outside of Green Bay. Aaron Rodgers isn’t necessarily injury-prone, but he’s been on the mend enough that at this advanced stage of his career, a reliable backup is essential. As it turns out, the Packers might’ve had one all along.

Boyle was signed as a UDFA in 2018 and has since beat out just about every potential Rodgers’ backup, including DeShone Kizer, for the job. Green Bay was forced to give him an opportunity last season, and despite the team’s decision to draft Jordan Love in the first round of the 2020 NFL Draft, Boyle remains up for the challenge.

Boyle took Love’s selection in stride

“By no means is it Jordan’s fault or anyone’s fault. Jordan’s a great guy and we’re obviously very lucky to have him. I think at first, it was a little shocking just from an, ‘Oh, man, we got a first-round quarterback’ and all those thoughts rush into your head. But then you settle down and go back to work,” Boyle said, per the Wisconsin State-Journal.

Boyle is by no means going to take over for Rodgers, nor is he even likely to beat out Love for the backup job, but he’s proven himself enough in camp for the Packers to keep him around, even if that means a practice squad position. reporter Wes Hodkiewicz even went as far as to say the scout who found Boyle, who before his NFL days spent time at Eastern Illinois and UConn, should “take a bow.” Hodkiewicz went a step further to call Boyle a “diamond in the rough.”

The 25-year-old’s growth under Rodgers, who has served as a mentor of sorts for Boyle, is a good sign for his NFL career’s sustainability. Considering his very modest beginnings, that in itself is an impressive development.

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