Arrowhead Stadium could become a polling location

Arrowhead Stadium could serve a greater purpose this fall.

NFL teams play a total of 10 games at home in a normal year between preseason and regular-season games. Top teams may even add two home games in the postseason.

Teams play in massive stadiums holding over 60,000 people and it’s a shame they aren’t used more often. The Kansas City Chiefs may be taking a step to provide some extra value to Arrowhead Stadium this November by opening the venue as a polling location.

Arrowhead Stadium could be a great polling location

Nothing is official yet, but this is an amazing idea. A main issue on election days is having people stand in line for hours. This may even discourage some from voting. Making Arrowhead a polling location would allow for the entire stadium to be used and avoid such issues on the most important day of the year for the country.

Professional sports teams often take public funds and try to act like a true civic need in the community. Using the stadium as a polling location would actually provide something good to everyone in the community, and not just those who watch football.

Several NBA teams have jumped on this bandwagon and NFL teams can easily join the cause. This can become a routine event and there is no real downside to doing this. It directly opposes certain aspects of voter suppression and makes voting more accessible to all.

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There will be certain issues such as maintaining social distancing this fall, but it will be much easier to do that in a football stadium than a small city building. This seems like a no-brainer and will hopefully become a reality for the November election.

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