Jordan Love having some issues at Packers camp is concerning

Green Bay Packers quarterback Jordan Love is reportedly struggling early on in his career.

The Green Bay Packers using a first-round pick on Jordan Love anointed the Utah State product as the quarterback of the future. He is not going to beat out Aaron Rodgers just yet, but Love not being the starter in a few years wouldn’t be a shock.

Love should not be facing too much pressure right now, which is why it is concerning to hear he is dealing with accuracy issues in camp. A recent report may have Packers fans wondering if the team should have instead used this year’s top pick on someone who can help the team win in 2020.

Jordan Love under the microscope

Love showed off a strong arm in college, but also threw 17 interceptions compared to 20 touchdowns during the 2019 season. He finished his college career with a completion percentage of 61.2.

The lack of a preseason is hurting his ability to gain much-needed reps against other teams. It is also putting each and every move he makes under a microscope as the practices are all fans have to talk about. And in a perfect world, he won’t have to step on the field this season.

This means Love’s first NFL season may feature no live game action at all. That adds another layer of mystery around his actual abilities off the practice field. And if he continues to struggle there, fans and those within the organization will only worry.

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A rookie quarterback struggling early on is nothing new. Top draft picks do it as well and this is all part of the learning curve.

However, the Packers made a bold decision to use a first-round pick on someone not expected to contribute for several years. That put unfair pressure on Love and any early bumps in his development will continue to be blown out of proportion.

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