Aaron Rodgers praises Patrick Mahomes because he reminds him of himself

Aaron Rodgers praises Patrick Mahomes, but still thinks he’s the best

It’s not often you hear NFL players praise a member of another team, especially when that person is a direct competitor, but if you are Aaron Rodgers you probably feel secure in your GOAT status to give a nod to another GOAT in the making.

That’s just what Rodgers did when he praised Kansas City Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes.

“Talent-wise you know, I’ve definitely thrown with a lot of guys around the league and been a fan for a long time. I’ve never felt like there’s anybody who watching them throw is head and shoulders above me,” Rodgers told The Ringer’s “10 Questions With Kyle Brandt (h/t kansascity.com) “I love my buddy and State Farm ally, Pat Mahomes. Just the way he plays really reminds me of myself and I say that with the utmost amount of respect and humility just because I love watching him play because he runs around, he makes throws all over the place, he no-look passes and he does it with enough balance between swagger and humility.”

So yes, he complimented Mahomes … while complimenting himself. But we all know it’s in good fun and we aren’t dealing with an egomaniac here. He even says he pretty much doesn’t believe in the GOAT titles, unless you’re his “house manager” of course.

“I think in this society there is way too much GOAT talk,” Rodgers said. “There’s a GOAT on everything. This guy’s the GOAT on this, he’s the GOAT on that. And I think it’s fun to say those things. I told my house manager that she was the GOAT the other day, because I believe she’s amazing. But when you’re talking about greatest of all time when it comes to specific athletes.

I think there’s a couple different ways to break it down. One is talent, like pure talent level and ability, and the other is maybe the winning. Because I think winning often gets that status. Whoever wins the most championships is the greatest of all time. Bill Russell, you know has won I think 11 championships but not many people say he is the GOAT but he’s the greatest winner of all time.”

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