Matt Forte speaks out against Brian Urlacher’s comments

Matt Forte condemned what former teammate Brian Urlacher had to say.

As if the Chicago Bears didn’t have enough problems to deal with on the field, one of their best players of all time just gave them a huge PR headache off of it. Brian Urlacher was not a fan of American sports leagues protesting the Jacob Blake shooting by postponing games and practices, drawing an insane false equivalency between that and Brett Favre playing a game after his father died. Urlacher also liked an Instagram post that called for Kyle Rittenhouse, a 17-year-old who is accused of killed two people in Kenosha, to be released.

Former Bears running back Matt Forte was not having any of Urlacher’s bigotry, as he called him “void of compassion, wisdom, and coherence” before accusing him of completely missing the point of the protests.

Urlacher’s comments on the Blake shooting were not well received

Forte, who totaled over 14,000 yards from scrimmage in his 10-year career, eight of which were spent with the Bears, was a teammate of Urlacher’s for the nine-time Pro Bowler’s final five seasons in the league. Considering Forte had to look up to him, seeing him post what he did had to be disheartening.

The Bears themselves have already distanced themselves from their Hall of Fame linebacker, claiming that these posts don’t “reflect the values or opinions of the Chicago Bears organization.” Urlacher’s legacy as one of the best middle linebackers of the last decade is still intact, but his perception in the eyes of a younger generation isn’t as rosy.

As revolting as Urlacher’s posts have been, hopefully he uses this as an opportunity to learn why his rhetoric is so dangerous. If he fails to change for the better, this won’t be the last time he makes his former employer and teammate cringe.

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