Several prominent NFL players considering a boycott during the season

Several NFL players are considering sitting a game out.

The Milwaukee Bucks started a sports-wide protest movement when they chose to boycott a playoff game as a way to show their frustration with the shooting of Jacob Blake. After the Bucks and every other team scheduled to play that day refused to play, the NFL followed their lead, with many teams choosing to cancel practice. This form of protest likely won’t die down as soon as the season starts, as some of the biggest names in the sport might actually

Jim Trotter is reporting that some prominent players are considering sitting out a game or so during the 2020 season in the name of fighting for racial justice.

The boycotting protests are bleeding over from the NBA to the NFL

While the Bucks’ decision to protest might’ve been fueled by the fact that the Blake shooting happened in nearby Kenosha, the sentiment behind their protest has been shared by dozens of teams from across the sporting landscape. No one can claim to be surprised if players decide to sit out a game of two.

Several prominent NFL players have come out and shown support for those on the frontlines fighting for racial equality, including Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes. With the hottest name in the sport lending his support to a cause that has unfortunately become divisive in our country, the boycott movement might very well manifest during the 2020 regular season and postseason if things don’t change

Canceling practice for a day seems more symbolic than anything else, but choosing to miss out on a regular-season game would show that players are willing to forego money and fame in the name of social justice. While some fans might get rubbed the wrong way because of this, that would be a sign that their protests are ruffling all the intended feathers.

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