Christian Wilkins can’t get Hamilton out of his head at Dolphins practice (Video)

Miami Dolphins DT Christian Wilkins got a shoutout from Hamilton after singing songs from the musical at practice.

Christian Wilkins is not throwing away his shot … to get noticed by the cast of Hamilton.

The Miami Dolphins defensive tackle got a shout out from the Hamilton Twitter account after a compilation of him singing songs from the hit musical during practice was posted on Tik Tok.

“I am the one thing in life I can control,” Wilkins sings before chatting with a member of the Dolphins staff about how he’s seen the show on Broadway twice and watched the Disney+ version “a couple several times.”

No wonder he’s got the songs stuck in his head.

On the plus side, he’s certainly not alone. The Tony Award-winning musical has become an obsession for many. Most of them haven’t been tagged by the Hamilton account. Wilkins gets that distinction to himself.

Dolphins fans hope Christian Wilkins can be a hit like Hamilton.

Wilkins was the No. 13 overall pick in the 2019 NFL Draft having starred on national title-winning teams at Clemson. He made headlines on that day when he greeted NFL commissioner Roger Goodell with perhaps a bit too much excitement on stage at the draft.

With the expectations that come for a first-round pick, Wilkins settled into a starting role on the Miami defense during a reasonably productive rookie season. He had 56 tackles, leading all rookie tackles in that department. He added three tackles for loss, two sacks and two pass breakups in 16 games.

Of course, the most memorable moment for Wilkins in 2019 came while subbing in on offense. He caught a play-action pass at the goal line, dropped the ball, then recovered his own fumble for a touchdown.

It’s generally accepted that the best is yet to come for the second-year pro, whose personality is as bright as his potential on the football field.

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