Patrick Mahomes has the perfect answer for fans against BLM movement

Patrick Mahomes passionately sent a message to anyone who isn’t supportive of the Black Lives Matter movement. 

There’s no arguing Patrick Mahomes is the face of the Kansas City Chiefs organization. After signing a record deal worth more than $500 million, he’s the king of the city and will look to bring home more Super Bowl titles for the organization.

As much as his focus is on football and leading the Chiefs once again this campaign, he’s also quite involved in the Black Lives Matter movement. Along with millions of folks out there, the star quarterback is sick of seeing racial injustices take place time and time again.

In speaking with the media this weekend, Mahomes delivered quite the message to anyone out there who might be against the movement.

Patrick Mahomes made it clear he’s going to do what’s right for humanity

“I’m going to do whatever I believe and whatever I believe is right,” Mahomes said. “I’m going to do whatever I can to fight for equality for all people. And I feel like I’ve shown that over this offseason and I’m going to continue that fight. I’m not worried about people and how they’re going to do negative stuff back to me. I’m worried about doing what’s right for humanity and making sure all people feel equal.”

Those of the words of a man who strongly believes in making sure everyone around the world is treated fairly. This past week, protests have been taking place across the United States after Jacob Blake was shot seven times by police in Wisconsin and has since been left paralyzed.

We saw NBA players boycott games, with other leagues and teams following suit as well. Now, Mahomes is using his platform to speak up, and he’s not going to allow any kind of negative comments from haters to bring him down.

Athletes are speaking up and making a difference. It should come as no surprise that Mahomes is among the large group.

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