What should the Jets do with Joe Flacco?

The Jets should look to gain some value from Joe Flacco in 2020.

The New York Jets made the interesting move to sign Joe Flacco as the backup quarterback to Sam Darnold in 2020. The former Super Bowl MVP showed up still in recovery after undergoing neck surgery and him being on the field this season would mean something went wrong with the franchise quarterback.

So what should the Jets do with Flacco? He is 35 years old and has not been a regular starter since 2017. The goal should be to get any value out of him while he is under contract for one year.

Seek out takers for Joe Flacco

The plan should be to see if any team out there will make a trade for the veteran quarterback. But that is a need that may not arise until closer to the trade deadline when injuries could be a factor. There is also the question of Flacco’s own long-term health.

Signing him seemed to be a “why not?” move by the Jets. He signed a one-year, $1.5 million deal and if anything he can provide some veteran guidance for Darnold. The only problem is Flacco may just be in a one-year stop and doesn’t seem to be eager to give up on being a starter.

A late-round pick may be all Flacco fetches in a trade. The neck injury is the top concern. Then comes the fact he has had two teams move on from him each of the past two years. His age and expiring contract factor in as well.

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As of right now Flacco is still expected to miss time at the start of the season. So even if Darnold does go down he won’t be available. The best course of action may be for the team to just advertise his services based on his past performance alone and tell other teams they picked him up for the purpose of trading. Just like the annoying person in a fantasy football league.

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