Alex Smith officially makes Washington’s 53-man roster

Alex Smith has made Washington’s 53-man roster in a heartwarming story.

When Alex Smith’s leg was shattered and was almost amputated as a result of a debilitating injury suffered during the 2018 season, many thought his football career ended right there at FedEx Field.

In a miraculous turn of events, not only has Smith regained full mobility, but the Washington Football Team is willing to put him on the roster.

Tom Pelissero is reporting that despite his injuries, Smith will be on Washington’s 53-man roster this season as a backup. Considering how frightening his injury was and how improbable a return to football looked, this is a wonderful development.

Alex Smith will serve as the backup to Dwayne Haskins

The 36-year-old might have three Pro Bowls, 34,000 passing yards, and 193 touchdowns to his name, but Ron Rivera and Washington made the decision everyone expected by naming Dwayne Haskins the starting quarterback.

Smith has also been competing with former Panthers quarterback Kyle Allen and former Colorado star Steven Montez as Rivera tries to iron out the depth chart behind Haskins.

Smith, who will make $16 million guaranteed this season, can serve as an invaluable fountain of information for Haskins, who has been saddled with the burden of leading one of the league’s most historic franchises despite the lack of great talent around him. Even if he never throws an NFL pass again, Smith’s comeback is one of the most inspiring stories in recent league history.

After seeing what Smith did for Patrick Mahomes as a mentor during his time in Kansas City, Washington seems to think that having Smith around a talented, albeit raw, quarterback in Haskins could help him turn some of that potential into production during what should be a challenging 2020 season.

No matter what team you support, seeing Smith back on the field is something that everyone in the league can celebrate.

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