More NFL COVID-19 protocols for season revealed

The NFL has rules in place for the days following games.

The NFL had the luxury of time when it came to preparing a season during the COVID-19 pandemic. That time is now all but up as the season begins Thursday night.

There was already no preseason and certain teams are planning to play with a limited set of fans in attendance. A new set of rules has been shared by ESPN’s Adam Schefter detailing the rules for the day following a game.

NFL staying extra cautious

The day following a game is one normally filled with rehab and film study, without an official practice. However, that does change when a Thursday night game is upcoming.

But for a normal week the players can still report and get treatment and prepare for the following Sunday. They will now need some sort of plan in place before leaving the stadium on Sundays.

The easy answer seems to be focusing on working from home, as teams did before training camps opened this summer. The league allowing players to come in for medical care at least shows they considered several factors when making this set of rules.

This is yet another obstacle for teams in 2020. However, this is not as major as others in place and a day at home could help some guys simmer down after an emotional game on Sunday. This process going well could even mean it becomes a normal part of an NFL week.

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A lot of things are new in 2020 and teams will just have to get used to Mondays being different. Players and coaches may secretly be enjoying the day off, even though they will still technically be working from home. Even NFL players get some remote work in 2020.

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