Why the Tennessee Titans will prove they’re not a fluke

BALTIMORE, MARYLAND – JANUARY 11: Corey Davis #84 of the Tennessee Titans celebrates with teammates after scoring a touchdown against the Baltimore Ravens during the AFC Divisional Playoff game at M&T Bank Stadium on January 11, 2020, in Baltimore, Maryland. (Photo by Will Newton/Getty Images)

Despite any noise that suggests otherwise, the 2019 Tennessee Titans were not a one-hit-wonder.

Without hard evidence, the Tennessee Titans have strangely been looped into comparisons involving the 2017 Jacksonville Jaguars. As a refresher, that Jaguars squad was the Sacksonville unit that came within mere minutes of dismantling the dynastic Patriots in the 2017 AFC Championship.

That particular Jacksonville team was 10-6 and rode its fearsome defense to the brink of a Super Bowl berth. Their follow-up effort was laughable, and they didn’t just “return to earth.” The team plummeted to Hades.

The Jaguars’ 2018 record sputtered to 5-11, and last season was almost as uneventful at 6-10 (.375). The trend may continue for the Jaguars into 2020 as the organization appears to be shedding talent whilst acquiring future draft assets.

Because the Titans [heavily] exceeded expectations and reached the 2019 AFC Championship, they must be a cookie-cutter rendition of the 2017 Jacksonville team, right? Not necessarily.

Just because a team emerges in an unforeseen manner does not mandate a mediocre-or-worse outcome for the following year. Sometimes teams are just good. This is generally a ramification of stellar coaching.

The 2020 Titans will prove their borderline-Cinderella run to the conference championship was not a fluke. Here’s why.

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