Buffalo Bills, Jacksonville Jaguars

Jaguars put Bills in the corner with an epic Twitter troll

The Jacksonville Jaguars have a better quarterback/mustache combo than the Buffalo Bills.

Take a gander at the Buffalo Bills’ Twitter account, and you’ll see that their classic logo has been replaced with a picture of quarterback Josh Allen sporting a frankly insultingly thin mustache. The change was a result of them losing a bet with their fans, as they switched their pic after Bills fans retweeted the original picture 5,000 times.

The Jacksonville Jaguars, meanwhile, are led by Gardner Minshew, and enigmatic man who revels in sporting some of the league’s best facial hair. The Jaguars also changed their profile pic to one of their starting quarterbacks, but they did so out of pride rather than shame, and they let the Bills know about it.

The Bills might be a better team, but the Jaguars have better facial hair under center

Minshew has become one of the more popular players currently on a bad team in the league. In addition to his superb rookie season (despite what Leonard Fournette says) on the field, the fact he went from sixth-round rookie to Twitter sensation in the span of one season off the field has helped Minshew mania continue to spread.

While Allen did improve his passing a bit last year, Buffalo’s success can be credited to a stifling defense. Minshew, powered perhaps by his mustache, started 12 games on a bad team with no intention of competing for the playoffs in 2019 and threw 21 touchdowns against six interceptions, all the while posting a higher yards per attempt and passer rating than Allen.

There won’t be a ton to look forward to during Jaguars games this year given how threadbare the roster is, but watching Minshew chuck it deep should be fun. As for the Bills, let’s just hope Allen’s downfield accuracy is better than his facial hair.

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