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DeAndre Hopkins explains cryptic tweet right after Texans loss

DeAndre Hopkins explained what looked like a cryptic tweet.

The Houston Texans looked a bit lost on offense without DeAndre Hopkins. Head coach Bill O’Brien traded the receiver to the Arizona Cardinals instead of paying him, and Thursday’s results were mostly expected.

Twitter was full of talk about why the Texans should have kept Hopkins. The receiver then took it a step further by sending out a tweet that simply read, “Grateful.” This was immediately interpreted as an act of shade from the new Cardinals wideout. But Hopkins decided to clarify what he meant, if you want to believe him.

DeAndre Hopkins explains away the shade

Hopkins was on air with Jimmy Fallon and that is that. Or is it? The tweet came out after the loss and Hopkins had to know what he was doing.

To be fair, he was on The Tonight Show following the game and apparently he is a huge fan.

Hopkins has nothing to prove to Bill O’Brien or anyone associated with the Texans. He was sent to Arizona and was promptly paid a record extension by the Cardinals. He is with a team that wants him and O’Brien is now on the hot seat once again after deciding David Johnson was a superior player.

Hopkins also has plenty of reasons to be grateful. That includes being sent to Arizona. His two-year, $54.5 million extension is in the range of what a quarterback would make. That price tag was just too high for O’Brien, who has opted to pay the likes of Randall Cobb and Will Fuller the big bucks.

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Shade or not, Hopkins is in a good spot. And he got to have fun Thursday night instead of suffering a brutal opening loss.

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