Josh Allen turning the ball over is a bad sign for the Bills

Bills’ quarterback Josh Allen is already turning the football over and it’s not good.

There are high hopes for the Buffalo Bills this season and they all depend on Josh Allen taking a big step forward in 2020. Allen isn’t off to a great start, however, after fumbling on the Bills’ first possession of the season.

The Bills were moving the ball at will on a suspect New York Jets’ defense when Allen was stripped by safety Marcus Maye. The Jets recovered the fumble and proceeded to go three-and-out, but it is clearly a bad sign for the Bills that Allen is already turning the football over this early into the season.

Turnovers have been a big problem for Allen in the past, including last season when he threw nine interceptions and fumbled a whopping 14 times. Those mistakes can be overcome against bad teams like the Jets, but they will cripple the Bills when they face better competition.

This is a big season for Allen, who has been set up for success by the Bills, who have already invested in his offensive line and gotten him a number one receiver in Stefon Diggs to bolster his weapons. Those weapons won’t do Allen any good if he turns the football over at a similar rate as he has in the past, which can cripple this team.

A win today is still extremely likely but plays like that fumble need to be put in the memory banks if Allen is making silly mistakes down the stretch.

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