Aaron Rodgers misses having fans in the stands during games

Aaron Rodgers missed having fans in the stands when the Packers beat the Vikings.

Aaron Rodgers has appeared in 201 NFL games. He’s seen a lot of things throughout his 15-year career.

What he didn’t see on Sunday during the season opener against the Vikings was fans in the stands. And it weirded him out.

“[It was] one of the strangest experiences I’ve had in the NFL,” Rodgers said after leading his team to a 43-34 victory over Minnesota.

Without fans, Aaron Rodgers wasn’t sure what plays were good.

It wasn’t just seeing no fans in the stands that set the game apart. It was not hearing the roar of the crowd.

“It doesn’t let you know that a play is a good play sometimes,” Rodgers said.

To be fair, Rodgers wouldn’t have heard so much when the Packers put up 43 points in Week 1 since they were playing on the field of a hated rival. Boos would have been more likely. Groans from the crown on completed passes of 45, 40, 38 yards would have given him some idea about how those plays panned out.

Vikings fans would say they didn’t have enough to cheer about on the opening Sunday of the  2020 season. While Kirk Cousins threw two touchdowns and Dalvin Cook justified his contract extension by punching in two more on the ground, Rodgers was the star of the day. He threw four touchdowns while racking up 364 yards.

Even though Minnesota managed to score 34 points, the scoreline was deceiving. Green Bay was up 29-10 at the end of the third quarter and three Vikings touchdowns came in what amounted to garbage time.

Rodgers will miss the crowd much more next Sunday when the Packers play their home opener against the Detroit Lions. Another four-touchdown, 300-yard performance would be welcome, whether he can hear the cheers or not.

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