Derrick Henry’s suit pinstripes were actually names honoring victims of racial injustice (Photo)

Derrick Henry wore a special suit for his trip to Denver.

Derrick Henry is back with the Tennessee Titans in 2020 after signed a brand new four-year, $50 million deal. Last year’s rushing champion is a key reason why the Tennessee Titans are still a contender after making the AFC Championship Game last season.

The Titans are heading to Denver for the late Monday night game this week and Henry was seen wearing a special suit. The unique pinstripe suit featured the countless names of victims of racial injustice.

Derrick Henry’s important suit

The tragedy of the situation is that this entire outfit of names does not come close to covering all the victims of racial injustice and police brutality in recent history. But the gesture is still notable because it highlights just how many names there are to share.

Just one name is unacceptable and Henry is the latest NFL player to draw attention to a real problem in this country. The problem has not gone away so the awareness will continue until change is made.

Henry will switch up the suit for his uniform Monday night as the Titans take the field in Denver. But the message remains and anyone getting mad at Henry’s suit is clearly part of the problem. Highlighting people who have died or been killed is not controversial at all. The actual deaths taking place in the first place are the controversy.

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The Titans running back has turned himself into a star and his voice and actions carry weight. It is great to see him find a unique way to join in on the silent protests against racial injustice in the country.

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