NFL: Most interesting matchups to watch Week 2

Week 1 of the NFL regular season is in the books. The adjustments head coaches make in these Week 2 matchups will be crucial for their respective teams.

NFL teams were happy to get back on the field for regular-season action last week. This week, each team will turn their full attention to correcting the mistakes they made a week ago. Expect to see even better football as a result.

The overall quality of football in Week 1 was better than expected, but there are still plenty of things for each team to work on moving forward. Teams that got off to 0-1 starts will feel particular pressure to correct things heading into Week 2.

Keep a close eye on the following five matchups heading into the weekend. The winner of each battle should be in great position to emerge victorious in Week 2.

5. Aaron Rodgers vs. Matt Patricia

Some might call this a large mismatch in favor of Rodgers and the Packers. The former MVP signal-caller played really well in the opener. Patricia and the Lions, in sharp contrast, managed to rip a loss from the jaws of victory against the Bears.

That loss to Chicago turns up the pressure on Patricia’s job status immediately. Dropping to 0-2 won’t earn him an immediate pink slip, but it might dig a hole too deep for him to get out of. The level of urgency in Detroit is already high.

That should play right into Rodgers’ hands. Look for him to make big plays against a Lions defense that will try too hard to generate pressure against Green Bay’s offensive front. This could be another big day for Rodgers and his receiving corps.

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