Adam Gase is a whiny disgrace of a head coach for the Jets

New York Jets head coach Adam Gase is complaining again in his press conference.

Adam Gase struggling as a head coach is an awful look for the New York Jets, but it’s reasonable to expect a coach of a bad team to lose some backbreakers every now and again.

However, Gase losing to the Buffalo Bills in embarrassing fashion and then trying to make it seem like he had nothing to do with the issue is simply disgraceful.

Gase is once again doing what he does best, as he shifted blame off of him and tried to make excuses. Gase thanked one of the reporters at his press conference for mentioning that Buffalo and their week 2 opponent San Francisco are both elite defenses, in a way making an excuse for his poor performance by saying there was no way he could succeed against that defense.

Adam Gase is once again making excuses for his awful offense

Sam Darnold might’ve gone 21-of-35 with a touchdown, but 100 of his 215 yards came on two pass plays, and 70 of them came on one screen pass to Jamison Crowder. Gase’s offense, who ranked dead last in the league last year and retained a lot of key contributors, hasn’t been rankled any higher than 21st since the 2015 season.

Offensive coordinator Dowell Loggains has been a coordinator since 2016, and he’s never ranked higher than 26th in points and 27th in yards.

Not only is Darnold failing to improve and potentially regressing in some areas, but quotes like that show that Gase is trying to absolve himself of all the blame despite the fact he calls the plays and he is the head coach. With one winning season in his career as a head coach and a last-place finish staring him in the face in 2020, Gase has no basis for getting so short and combative here.

Despite what the last six years have told us, the Jets front office still thinks Gase is the man for the job. With a floundering offense, alienated roster, and constant excuse-making, 31 other teams would’ve fired him by now, but the Jets for some reason remain enamored with him.

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