Jerry Jones keeping Cowboys attendance expectations close to the vest

For once, Jerry Jones isn’t willing to run his mouth

The Cowboys are opening the doors of AT&T Stadium to a certain subset of fans on Sunday, but we’re not quite sure exactly how many. Jones would likely to keep it that way, as Jerry’s World will play host to Dallas’ home game against the Atlanta Falcons at 1:00 p.m. ET.

Mike McCarthy previously stated that the Cowboys are looking at around 25 percent capacity on Sunday. Jones wouldn’t confirm or deny that number, setting up a media circus heading into the weekend.

Jones is setting up a big reveal during the game, in which the attendance will be announced by the stadium PA announcer. “That’s very customary. That’s what we do all the time,” Jones said.

Sure, that’s what we do all the time when the number of fans isn’t subject to criticism.

Jerry Jones is hiding from any criticism about attendance during the pandemic

Jones and the NFL owners want to make money. It is, after all, their prime objective in owning a professional football team. That becomes far tougher during a pandemic when fans are not allowed to attend games at the rate they normally would, hence Jones taking every opportunity he can to break the mold.

There’s nothing wrong with having some fans at sporting events during the COVID-19 era, as long as it’s deemed safe by health experts. As we’ve already seen at the Kansas City Chiefs-Houston Texans NFL opener, it can be a dangerous proposition, however.

We hope the Cowboys are taking every precaution, because the last thing the NFL needs is another avoidable COVID-19 controversy.

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