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Tony Gonzalez thinks Kyler Murray is more exciting than Patrick Mahomes

It turns out a Chiefs legend is one of Kyler Murray’s biggest fans

Tony Gonzalez gets paid the big bucks in his post-playing life to analyze the game of football. To him, the most exciting player in football is not Patrick Mahomes, the best quarterback in the NFL who just so happens to play for his longtime team, the Kansas City Chiefs. No, that title belongs to Kyler Murray of the Arizona Cardinals.

Notice Gonzalez covered his tracks by proclaiming that’s the case “right now”. That means his opinion is subject to change, and given the fact it’s only Week 2, the Hall of Famer could change his mind at any time.

Is Tony Gonzalez correct? Is Murray more exciting than Mahomes?

Comparing Murray and Mahomes in this department is relatively pointless. Both are exciting players, but in different ways. Murray can extend a play better than any player in the league, which makes him an enticing watch. Mahomes, however, can make any throw ever imagined and some others just for fun, and it doesn’t necessarily matter if he’s in the pocket or outside of those restraints.

Murray is a tremendous story to start the season. He’s emerging before our eyes as an MVP candidate, and the Cardinals are becoming a playoff contender in their own right. But, it’s important to remind those of the quick trigger: It’s Week 2!

Talk to me in Week 13, and maybe this is a more intriguing debate. For now, though, Gonzalez is simply doing this for intrigue.

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