Buyer’s remorse: These 11 QB’s signed for more money than Cam Newton this offseason

Cam Newton is balling on a budget for the New England Patriots.

New England Patriots quarterback Cam Newton was unemployed as recently as July before Bill Belichick threw him a bone with a league-minimum deal. It’s taken all of two games to prove that deal is a major bargain, as Newton will make considerably less than some of the league’s worst passers.

Quarterbacks like an old-as-dirt Matt Schaub, a consistently disappointing Matt Barkley, and Nathan Peterman, of all people, are all making more than Newton will this year. While they are either consigned to backup jobs or inactive third-string roles, Newton is starring in a resurgent comeback year for New England.

We live in a world where a guy with a lower career passer rating (32.5) than throwing an incompletion on every pass (39.6) is compensated better than a 31-year-old former league MVP.

Several third-string quarterbacks are making more than a former MVP in Newton

Newton has completed 71 percent of his passes with the Patriots, totaling five touchdowns, four of which came on the ground, with just one turnover. If Newton was able to finish off a one-yard run into the end zone, New England would’ve defeated Seattle and started the season off 2-0.

In just one year, the Patriots changed their entire offense from a West Coast-esque scheme based around the short passing game into an utterly unique look that featured Cam as the team’s No. 1 rushing option while taking more vertical shots. Signing him was a bit risky given the injuries, but every other QB-needy team in the league looks foolish for passing him by.

Belichick adding one of the game’s most talented starting quarterbacks for a very economical price, all the while helping Cam prove the doubters wrong, has the Patriots once again smack dab in the middle of the AFC playoff picture.

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