Josh Jacobs shows true leadership in his reaction to Raiders starting the season 2-0

Las Vegas Raiders running back Josh Jacobs isn’t letting a hot start to the season get to his head.

Until a team determines otherwise, the Kansas City Chiefs are the class of the AFC West.

The Las Vegas Raiders are letting everyone know they’re the team that would like a word.

Few rivalries are as storied as the Chiefs and Raiders, but the arrival of Patrick Mahomes seismically shifted everyone’s expectations. This isn’t exclusive to the Raiders, as Kansas City is the class of the entire league until they’re dethroned.

But the new Las Vegas backdrop for the Raiders isn’t the lede in the story of their season, or their quest to catch the Chiefs. An upset win over the New Orleans Saints on national television has the Raiders sitting at 2-0 to start the year, with their eyes set on establishing themselves as more than just a speed bump as the Cheifs journey towards another Super Bowl title.

Josh Jacobs burst onto the scene as a rookie in 2019, albeit amid groans from analysts who thought he didn’t provide the kind of value needed to offset the loss of Khalil Mack (Jacobs was picked with the Raiders selection they received from the Bears in the Mack trade). Jacobs proved those doubters wrong by nearly won Rookie of the Year last season, and establishing himself as one of the best young backs in the league.

Now the Raiders have seemingly adopted that Us Against The World mentality and have started the season undefeated. Rather than celebrate the great start, Jacobs is showing the kind of leadership the Raiders have been missing in making sure that the big picture is not lost in the short term success.

“We’re not really looking at our record, we’re just trying to improve each week,” Jacobs told FanSided’s Mark Carman. “I know it’s been a long time since the Raiders started off the season 2-0, but we’re focused on the bigger picture of just trying to get better each day.”

Not only is Jacobs a threat on the field, but that’s the kind of locker room leadership that great teams need. It’s not a quantifiable statistic to point to in proving that Jacobs is living up to being the Raiders return for trading Mack, rather it’s the type of hidden value that makes him a truly special player.

It may be easy to dismiss the Raiders as not being the Chiefs, but they don’t want to be. Raiders Football has always been its own unique thing, and it seems like this latest incarnation is a throwback to glory days that fans have waited far too long to see return.

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